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One of the most influential factors on your goal to building a strong and muscular body is actually not directly related to the workouts that you are doing. This is because of the fact that your cardio and weight lifting workouts is just one part of the muscle and strength gain picture. The other, equally important part of muscle gain is the nutrition that you are getting. If you are body building then there are a number of points that you will need to consider in terms of the food that you eat. One is that you will first need to reduce the unhealthy calories that you put in to your body.


These calories can be taken from food such as junk food, potato chips, sodas, ice cream, cakes and many more. The problem with these types of food is that they contain very high levels of sugar which will cause your body to store a lot of fat. This fat covers the muscles of your body, so if you want definition from your muscles then being as low in fat as possible is ideal. Also, high sugar levels has also been proven by various scientific studies to cause muscle growth to slow down, so intake of high sugar foods will surely have a huge detrimental effect to your workouts. Do not eliminate carbohydrates completely from your diet however, as your body still utilizes them in order to build muscle; just make sure to keep them at healthy levels at that they should come from healthy sources as well. Instead of filling up your body with carbohydrate rich foods which a lot of people do, you will want to turn to eating as much fruits and vegetables as you can as well as ample serving of lean meats. Fruits and vegetables are rich in vitamins and minerals which will not only do wonders for your body building aspirations, but will also allow you to achieve a much higher state of health.


Lean meat like the ones from chicken, fish cows and pork are great sources of protein. Protein is without a doubt the most important compound when it comes to building muscle, so adequate amounts of protein on your diet is definitely ideal. Do remember though that the preparation of your meats should be as oil free as possible. Also, choose only organic based meats, fruits and vegetables to ensure maximum nutrition without any drawbacks. However, protein from meats and nuts alone may not be enough to fuel your muscle gain. To ensure that your body has ample supply of protein for optimum muscle growth, you will want to take protein supplements like the products that My Protein has. The company is one of the most trusted brands in terms of protein supplementation, and you are guaranteed to get a muscle gain boost with regular and proper use of their products. My Protein supplements can be quite expensive however. Lucky for you, you can enjoy My Protein offers which will allow you to get these great supplements at much more affordable prices.